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Wd8NJ7GKRBGc4Dw6934A_JN-007.jpgJunior Handlers from across Canada will be competing for the title of Best Overall Junior of 2017 in their discipline, Conformation or Obedience, at the CKC Junior Handling National Championships hosted bythe Battle River Canine Association in Camrose, Alberta on October 27th, 2018.

The event starts at 11 a.m. with Obedience followed by Conformation.  The Obedience champion wins a $1,000 bursary. The Conformation champion wins a $2500 bursary to attend Crufts’ International Junior Handling Competition. Back in 2014, CKC National Champion Colton O’Shea won this competition and it was an enormous thrill to see Canada do so well on an international level.
Ian Lynch, Junior Handling, Junior Nationals Ian Lynch, Junior Handling, Junior Nationals
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CKCJrNationals2017.jpgJunior Handling is an awesome event offered by the Canadian Kennel Club at most dog shows across the country in two disciplines: Conformation and Obedience. This blog will focus on Junior Handling in the Conformation ring. This is where children and teenagers under the age of 18 compete but, it’s not the dog’s conformation being judged in this ring – it’s the handling skills.  Teamwork between handler and dog is what brings home the ribbons here.
Conformation, Ian Lynch, Junior Handling Conformation, Ian Lynch, Junior Handling
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thumb.JPGThis week we meet Aurora Kimber! Aurora has been a junior handler for about 3 years and enjoys being part of this great community. Learn more about Aurora and her passion for dogs in our latest video profile!
Conformation, Junior Handling, Video Profile Conformation, Junior Handling, Video Profile
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DSC_4690_Final.jpgAt the risk of sounding as if all I do is travel and attend shows, I want to share my experience from this year’s Junior Handling Nationals Championships.  I had the privilege of receiving an invitation from the Conception Bay Kennel Club to attend the Junior Nationals held during their show in Bay Roberts, Newfoundland last month.  This was my 3rd Junior Nationals as ED of the CKC.

One of the things I learned is that a small club can certainly put on a big show!  Granted, the club had a head start with traditional Newfoundland hospitality, the club created an environment of organized chaos and positive spirit.  When it was time for the Junior Handling Finalists to compete, the show stopped and the entire focus turned to the Juniors. You could hear a pin drop by the time the winners were announced.  It was wonderful to see everyone come together to support the Juniors and give them their-well deserved time in the spotlight. Congratulations again to Caroline Holicka (Conformation winner) and Chantal Ratté (Obedience winner)!  I don’t think anyone will be surprised to hear how, every competitor displayed high levels of skill, maturity and professionalism. Their love of the sport is almost tangible...  I recall one competitor that took the time to speak with me and explain the performance of his dog, the nuances of the breed and even some grooming tips.  All the while he was probably anxious about the event he was about to compete in.  
Junior Handling, Junior Nationals, Lance Novak Junior Handling, Junior Nationals, Lance Novak
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