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Member Updates and Upcoming Changes

The IT4You project is destined to re-define the online member experience by making it faster and easier for members to access pertinent information and online applications. Below, you will find details on all of the upcoming changes and how these changes affect you including updating your member information, pay-as-you-go processing, duplicate email addresses and the new Temporary Competition Number (TCN).

If you have questions or concerns, please get in touch with CKC by email at


Recent Updates:    

Tuesday, December 3: NOW AVAILABLE: Online Dog Registrations

CKC has launched Online Dog Registrations on the Portal.
Submit all types of dog registrations online, including:
  • Individual Canadian Born Dogs (with litter registration numbers previously issued);
  • Imported Dogs and Foreign-Born Dogs; and
  • Miscellaneous Certification numbers, Event Registration Numbers, Performance Event Numbers, Canine Companion Numbers and Temporary Competition Numbers ... READ MORE

Tuesday, December 3: Registered Dog Names Up to 50 Characters!

Registered dog names can now contain a maximum of 50 CHARACTERS, due to a recent amendment to the CKC By-laws on July 24. The update also allows for greater flexibility to change a dog’s name after the current restriction of 60 days from the date of registration, to up to one year from the date of registration.
Previously, a limit of 30 characters, including spaces and punctuation, has been in place when registering a dog with the CKC ... READ MORE


Tuesday, December 3: Changes to Registration Numbers and Event Submission Requirements

CKC has updated its dog registration numbering system as of November 1st, 2019.
With the exception of dogs registered as Canadian Born, all dogs registered after November 1st will receive a 12-character registration number. This number will include a prefix consisting of a two-letter abbreviation of the registration type, a hyphen, and the standard 9-character registration number (two letters followed by 7 digits) ... READ MORE

Tuesday, December 3: Temporary Competition Numbers: Self-serve Online Registration for Listed Dogs

With the implementation of CKC’s IT system, a new process requires all owners of unregistered, recognized breeds entering events to obtain a Temporary Competition Number (TCN). TCNs will replace the current system of entering events with “listed dogs”, and will allow dogs to temporarily participate in CKC events while they pursue permanent registration or an Event Registration Number (ERN) ... READ MORE

Monday, December 2: NOW AVAILABLE: Online Membership Renewals!

For the first time in CKC’s 130-year history, CKC members can renew their memberships online. As 2019 comes to a close, we encourage you to log into CKC’s online portal to renew your membership today (Visa or MasterCard required).

The process is easy, simply log-in to the new Member Portal and click on the red RENEW button in the upper right-hand corner. If you haven’t accessed CKC’s new online portal yet, these quick instructions on creating a portal account will get you started ... READ MORE

Tuesday, November 12: An Update on CKC’s New Online Portal


Over the weekend we officially launched CKC’s new online Portal. We’ve received lots of feedback from our members, with over 1,400 profiles successfully created! As with most new online platforms, there are a few bugs that we are working on fixing. In particular as many members have noticed, due to the technical limitations of our previous IT system, some member information was not seamlessly integrated into the new system. While all of the data transferred into our new system, it may not have automatically or correctly connected to your new unique member account. Here are a few tips and reminders to help you with your first experience on the portal ... READ MORE 

Wednesday, October 30: IT System Launch Update

At CKC we have wrapped up the data transfer from the old IT system and completing the final stages of testing and preparing to release the first wave of key features to our community on November 4th.
With the new Member Portal, members will have access to personalized dog related data, like titles and lineage information, for all owned, co-owned and transferred dogs. Due to CKC’s previous IT system having data inputted over several decades though, for a small percentage of our membership, your data may not appear in the Member Portal exactly where and how you expect it.
If you are missing data when you log onto the Portal on the 4th, don’t worry! This information ... READ MORE

Wednesday, October 23: CKC's New IT System: What to Expect at Launch

In just a few short weeks on November 4th, CKC’s new IT system will launch providing CKC members with significant improvements and access to personalized information. Here are a few of the key features CKC members can expect on November 4th:

Online Membership Renewals: Become a member, renew your existing individual membership, or upgrade to Membership Plus—all online (Visa or Mastercard required).  

A Customizable Member Portal: Conveniently login from CKC’s website and access your member portal with personalized information such as: ...READ MORE


It’s been another exciting year at the Canadian Kennel Club, with our 130th year filled with positive growth and advancement. As we invest in new technology, national advocacy efforts and increased member benefits to serve the CKC community, we continue to guide and advance crucial programs like Junior Handling, breeder education opportunities, and responsible dog ownership public education.
Programs and efforts like these wouldn’t be possible without the support of our valued CKC members. CKC membership supports the breeds and dog sport you love - today and for the next 130 years!

Membership with CKC also comes with many benefits, including .... READ MORE

Thursday, October 10: CKC's New IT System and Online Portal will Launch November 4th

An announcement from the Chair of the Board of Directors and the Executive Director of the Canadian Kennel Club: 

Dear CKC Members, 

As the Chair of the Board of Directors and the Executive Director of the Canadian Kennel Club, it is our pleasure to inform you of an upcoming milestone in the IT4YOU Project. 

From the start, the heart of the IT4YOU project has been about building relevant online tools that put CKC members in control, allowing you to take care of your CKC business, process online applications, track your dog’s progress in Shows and Trials, and manage important information......READ MORE

Friday, October 4: Letter from the Executive Director: CKC's IT System Replacement 

Recently CKC released a notice that CKC will be undergoing an IT System Outage October 11th – November 4th in preparation for the transition to our new IT system. Details about this outage can be reviewed here and I appreciate the opportunity to address some of those questions and concerns raised since the notice.  Please be assured that during this period, Registration Applications and Shows & Trials results will be received, sorted and prepared to be entered into our new system as quickly as possible, starting on or before November 4th.  
Retiring and transitioning our current IT system has been one of the most expansive projects CKC has undertaken since I joined as Executive Director more than 6 years ago. Over the past three years, this project has included research and consultation, an assessment of other Kennel Clubs’ systems, and planning to modernize our processes to support CKC’s unique business.....READ MORE

Friday, September 20: Upcoming CKC IT System Outage: October 11th - November 4th

CKC is replacing its IT system to bring CKC members an enhanced user experience with tools that make doing business with CKC more efficient. The implementation of this new system requires that we ensure the accurate transfer of all data and processes managed by CKC’s current IT system. To facilitate this, CKC will be taking its current IT system offline from October 11th to November 4thDuring this downtime, CKC’s IT system will be unavailable affecting all Registration and Membership Services transactions, as well as Shows & Trials processing.

How does this impact you?

CKC will be unable to process any registration applications, event results, or member information updates from Oct. 11th to Nov. 4th as we transition from the current IT system to the new IT system.  The following details will help you plan your CKC business around the outage period......READ MORE

Thursday, September 5: Pay-As-You-Go Reminder: Member Credit is No Longer Available

As you likely know, CKC is moving forward with a significant project called IT4YOU, that will completely revamp CKC’s IT system, offering members an enhanced user experience with tools that make doing business with CKC more efficient. The new system will help CKC streamline and shorten the processing cycles and shift focus and resources to better grow our membership and secure the future of the Dog Fancy in Canada.

The new system will be pay-as-you-go, which will require payment in full to complete your application....READ MORE



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