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Canada’s Most Popular Breeds 2020

April 09, 2021
2020 was a year unlike any we’ve seen before. Amid lockdowns, shutdowns, travel bans, masks and social distancing many people experienced joy in the form of a new puppy. 56,805 purebred pups were welcomed into new homes and registered with the Canadian Kennel Club last year. If you compare that number of puppies to the previous year’s 37, 890 you will realize just how many more puppies we registered last year (+18,915). The allowance of working from home that many companies adopted allowed thousands of dog lovers to buy and train puppies last year. Their warm little hearts were no doubt a great source of comfort in a very unsettling year.

The list of the most popular dog breeds in Canada in 2020 reflect great diversity. Dogs of different sizes, grooming and exercise needs from 5 of the Canadian Kennel Club’s 7 Groups make up the top ten list. Some breeds were created to protect humans, help bring home dinner and herd flocks and others simply to be loved pets.

Three Toy breeds make up 2020’s Top Ten. I believe there are several reasons for this. On top of being incredibly charming, Toy breeds are a fantastic choice for smaller homes and the ever popular condo life that so many young people and retirees alike enjoy these days. As long as their modest exercise needs are met, they can thrive in a high rise and lavish all the attention from neighbours in the building’s elevators and common areas.

CKCS-2.jpgComing in at number ten is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The Cavalier is small, but not delicate as he comes from sporting spaniels. They are gentle, affectionate and incredibly in tune with emotions of their people. Other reasons the breed has become more popular include its presence in shows like “Sex and The City” and its celebrity fans including Michelle Williams, Courtney Cox and Canada’s own Seth Rogan.

Now on the other end of the size spectrum, The Bernese Mountain Dog is the largest breed to make the list at number 9. Bred to have both brains and brawn, The Berner was used for various tasks on Swiss farms, including driving livestock and pulling carts to market. He’s a noble looking dog with soulful eyes and gorgeous markings of black, white and rust on a coat very able to handle a Canadian winter. Their placid nature mixed with their general love of people have made them popular family dogs for families with the space and time to exercise such a large breed. They are noted for being exceptional with children provide they are raised with children who are equally as exceptional with dogs.